Benefits of Composite Resin

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

While patients try to avoid needing fillings whenever possible, most will experience at least one cavity in their life. For patients in need of a filling, our Riverdale professionals at The Dental Group use composite resin. We have created this guide to help you understand the benefits of composite fillings, not only for the appearance of your teeth, but for oral health as well. 

Cosmetic Restorations

The primary benefit most patients are aware of is the seamless aesthetic of composite fillings. These restorations are provided using white dental resin, a type of acrylic that appears the same as natural dental enamel, and can be matched to the shade of your teeth. When filling a cavity on visible teeth, composite allows for the preservation of your smile’s natural appearance. 
Apart from treating decay, this material also allows our dentists to repair chips and breakages with sturdy and aesthetic materials, a process called cosmetic bonding or resin veneers.

Bonded to the Tooth

Composite restorations create additional support for treated teeth, as they bond to the tooth. Traditional metal fillings require the dentist to create retentive features in the tooth, removing additional healthy tissue to prevent the filling from loosening or dislodging, making them structurally less stable.

The bonding agents used to secure your composite filling make a restoration that not only preserves the appearance of your tooth, but one that is highly durable as well. This bonding helps to insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes, as well as from breakage.

Less Natural Structure Removed

Traditional amalgam fillings require the removal of a significant amount of the natural tooth structure to ensure stability. With composite fillings, the amount of preparation required preparation is limited to a more narrow scope of only decayed areas, which helps to keep your tooth healthier in the long run.

Maintain Your Smile with Composite Resin

If you don’t want to compromise the aesthetic appearance of your smile with a metal filling, consider asking our team about composite resin. At The Dental Group, we use composite resin to fill, bond, and repair teeth for patients throughout Riverdale, New Carrollton, Mt. Rainier, Bladensburg, and the surrounding communities.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see whether cosmetic resin fillings are right for your smile.

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