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At The Dental Group, we are dedicated to serving Riverdale, New Carrollton, Mt. Rainier, Bladensburg, and the surrounding areas with high-quality care that meets your family’s every dental need. We are home to doctors of differing dental specialties; our breadth of knowledge and experience is used to ensure that your family achieves healthy and attractive smiles that they can be proud of. 


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Multiple Specialty Services, One Roof

When it comes to dental health, you deserve quality treatment provided by doctors who are specialists in their field. While our patients always meet with their general dentist, The Dental Group operates as the home for several different dental practices out of a single building.

Should you require additional treatment, we schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained Specialist, assuring that you receive care backed by our doctors’ experience and education in their individual fields. This internal cooperation between our doctors is the lynchpin in ensuring that you are not only comfortable with your care but have access to doctors for every dental need.

Comfort Driven Dentistry

You and your family’s comfort is highly important to our team at The Dental Group. All of our dentists discuss patients’ treatment options, allowing them to understand the short and long-term effects of chosen procedures. We hope that, by giving patients the necessary education on their choices, we can better treat patients and promote comfortable experiences.

Sedation options are also available, allowing you to relax during your visits to our family dental practice. Inhaled and oral conscious sedation allow us to provide a relaxing dental environment depending on your anxieties, in-chair comfort level, and your transportation options to and from our office. Conscious sedation through oral medication and nitrous oxide inhalation is safe, ADA-approved, and gives you the necessary peace of mind for effective dental treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments Backed by Modern Technology

Our office is also able to provide the latest in cosmetic dental treatments. Our in-office 3D scanning and milling machine, CEREC®, allows us to provide patients with same-day crowns restorations. We also provide ceramic, E.max®, and Zirconia crowns, in addition to tooth-colored resin fillings, dental implants, and Invisalign® treatments, ensuring continued dental health and ideal aesthetics.  


Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT)

In addition to digital x-rays for conventional dental x-rays, we are now equipped with the Dentsply / Serona Orthophos SL imaging system. This equipment allows us to provide high-quality digital panoramic x-rays as well as focused-field 3D images (cone beam CT scan). With our Cone Beam CT technology, we can scan the jaw in just 19 seconds, allowing us to determine the amount of bone available for dental implants. From the scan, we create a 3D image that is dimensionally accurate. From this image we create a plan for the placement of your implant that includes surgical guides to ensure it is placed exactly where planned.  This technology also helps facilitate treatment planning and enhances opportunities for patient education.

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The Dental Group is committed to being your family’s dental home, fulfilling all of your needs. We are proud to serve families of Riverdale and the surrounding areas with high-quality dentistry that caters to your comfort. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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