Dental Implants

Whether you are looking to replace a single tooth or an entire arch, dental implants provide patients with ideal smile restorations. Our team at The Dental Group works to provide patients with high-quality dental implants, helping you to achieve a beautiful, uniform smile that can last a lifetime, all while protecting the health and long-term stability of your jaw. 

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What are Dental Implants?

What sets implants apart from more traditional dental restorations are the titanium posts of the implants themselves. Patients have these posts implanted into the jaw by an oral surgeon. As a biocompatible metal, titanium is able to fuse to the jaw, acting the same way as the root of a natural tooth. Once the base has been placed, it will be capped with a healing abutment, ensuring that it will properly support your implant crown once healed. Implant restorations are completed once our Riverdale dentists place the crowns on the final abutments of your dental implants. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

The primary benefit of dental implants is the increased stability it affords patients. Unlike traditional restorations that sit above the gums, dental implants act as the roots of your prosthetic tooth. By stimulating the structure of your jaw, they prevent the resorption of the bone, preserving the structure and integrity of your smile.

Dental implants placed at our Riverdale practice also provide patients with aesthetic advantages. Made from zirconia and E.Max, the restorations used to cap your implant are able to support the pressure of everyday use and look semi-translucent like natural teeth. This restoration can also be cared for in the same way as natural teeth, allowing you a cosmetically appealing smile that can last a lifetime.

Full Mouth Implant Restorations

The Dental Group doesn’t only offer single tooth replacements through dental implants, but full-mouth restorations as well. Implant retained dentures and bridges function much the same as their traditional counterparts, though with the added stability provided by the titanium posts of implants.

Implant supported dentures prevent embarrassing slips during speech, meals, and everyday use, all while supporting the structure of your smile. This full mouth restoration is also able to be removed, making cleaning easy.

Start Restoring Your Smile

For single missing teeth or a full smile makeover, The Dental Group is committed to providing quality dental implant restorations. We proudly serve patients of Riverdale, Mt. Rainier, New Carrolton, Bladensburg, and the surrounding communities with balanced bites and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Contact us today.

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