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Riverdale Periodontal Treatment

Prolonged gum disease can seriously compromise oral and bodily health if left unchecked. At The Dental Group, we provide patients with comprehensive periodontal treatment, allowing you to lessen the damage of gingivitis and periodontitis, and return to a healthy smile. Our periodontist provides services to patients throughout Riverdale, New Carrollton, Mt. Rainier, Hyattsville and Bladensburg to increase your gum health. 

What is Periodontal Disease?

Gum disease can be separated into three distinct stages: gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. While the damage done to your smile by gingivitis is reversible and can be prevented by regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings, the decay that occurs from periodontitis occurs within the supporting bone structures and cannot be undone. This damage loosens the teeth from the jaw and creates pockets in the gum that make recurrent infection more likely.

With the help of our Riverdale periodontist, we can help you to prevent gingivitis from developing into periodontitis, or else treat existing periodontitis.

Treating Periodontitis

If you have experienced periodontitis, routine cleanings will no longer be able to reduce the tartar build up and will require scaling and root planing, otherwise known as deep cleaning. Our Riverdale periodontist begins this procedure by probing the pockets of your gums. These pockets develop as the infection causes the gum tissue to pull away from the teeth.

Once the depth of the pockets are measured, we will be able to determine the extent to which your smile has been affected, and can begin scaling the surface of your teeth. This process involves cleaning the surface of the tooth of tartar, which is a mineralized form of plaque. Plaque and tartar will then be removed from the surface of the root, and the tooth polished, minimizing the chances of bacteria clinging to the surface of the tooth, and causing recurring infection.

Treating Affected Gums

Recurrent infection is a continual threat to patients who have experienced periodontitis, due to the pockets that remain after plaque and tartar are removed. To reduce the chance of reinfection, our Riverdale periodontist provides patients with pocket removal, maximizing your long-term dental health by cutting away pockets where bacterial infections may grow.

Gum grafting procedures are also available to ensure that your gums heal properly after the removal of deep pockets has occurred. Additionally, should you have an uneven smile due to previous periodontal treatments or a naturally “gummy” smile, The Dental Group provides gum contouring treatments. This treatment can shape your gums, fitting them to your ideal smile.

Contact our Riverdale Periodontist

If you are experiencing periodontal disease, or wish to eliminate gingival pockets from previous infections, contact our periodontist at The Dental Group today. We provide comprehensive periodontal treatment to patients of Riverdale, Mt. Rainier, New Carrollton, Bladensburg, Hyattsville, and the surrounding communities.

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