Root Canal Therapy

When the inner workings of a tooth become damaged due to dental trauma, decay, or infection, endodontic treatment may be required. Our team of dentists, along with our dedicated support staff take a gentle approach when relieving tooth pain and sensitivity.

At The Dental Group, we ensure top-quality root canal therapy in Riverdale and surrounding communities. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.  


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Symptoms of A Damaged Tooth

Whether your teeth have experienced an injury or trauma, or untreated decay is causing discomfort or sensitivity, root canal therapy may be necessary. Some signs that your tooth is in need of endodontic therapy may include:

• Toothache
• Prolonged Sensitivity to Temperature
• Difficulty Chewing
• Tooth Discoloration
• Abscess Around Tooth or Gums

When these symptoms persist, receiving endodontic treatment from our specialist Dr. Pratik Patel will alleviate symptoms and restore healthy function to your smile. 

Why Restorative Treatment is Necessary

If you experience injury or trauma such as cracks or decay, root canal therapy is an ideal treatment option for saving your compromised tooth. When untreated, the pulp inside the tooth can become infected with bacteria, and potentially spread.  

Neglecting to have infected pulp removed can lead to the tooth root dying resulting in possible extraction. The Dental Group’s experienced dental team provide efficient and successful root canal therapy to help preserve the natural tooth, restoring the health and confidence in your smile. 

Explaining the Treatment Process

Our Riverdale dental office’s top priority is to provide a comfortable experience that instills patient trust. We establish strong communication during each visit by walking patients through their treatment, while also addressing any questions or concerns they may have. 

After the infected pulp is removed and the canal is thoroughly disinfected, the area is sealed and filled to prevent further bacteria from entering the tooth’s structure.  We then finalize your root canal therapy by using state-of-the-art digital impressions to craft an entirely natural-looking and durable, customized crown to protect your tooth for years to come. 

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Our team of dentists and specialists at The Dental Group utilize their decades of combined experience to provide comfortable and quality treatment for our patients. For more information on how root canal therapy could benefit you, call or visit our Riverdale office to schedule an appointment. 


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