Pediatric Dental Appliances

At The Dental Group, our pedodontist and team are dedicated to making sure that your child enjoys great dental health for life, which includes ensuring that your child’s smile develops properly. Dr. Jamila Chase can see your child for an examination and talk with you about our options for pediatric dental appliances in Riverdale Park, Maryland. If you would like to find out if one of these appliances could help your child’s smile, call our office at 301-864-5200 and speak with one of our team members. Some of the appliances we offer include:

  • Bionators, which can help your child’s upper and lower jaws grow proportionately to one another. There are several types of appliances that we may recommend.
  • Habit breaking appliances can help your child overcome thumb or finger sucking or tongue thrust.
  • Palatal expanders stretch the soft cartilage of the palate, widening the upper jaw so that the upper and lower teeth come together as they should.
  • Space maintainers allow your child’s remaining primary or baby teeth to remain in their proper positions if they lose a tooth prematurely.
  • Sports mouth guards are important for protecting your child’s smile during sports or other activities. You should especially have one made for your child if they wear braces.

Contact our office today to meet with our pedodontist for more information. We are dedicated to giving your child a healthy and beautiful smile!

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